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Same dealie-o as last time!

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United States
This is a FURRY and BABYFUR safe zone. I primarily draw these two subjects, so that is what will be featured all over this page.

:bulletred:I go by Kale, Kiuro, Puppers, Xavi, and Theodore.:bulletred:
:bulletorange: I am male! (Usually.):bulletorange:
:bulletyellow: I make hats, plushies, and other cute stuff.:bulletyellow:
:bulletgreen: I draw furries and hoomans and other stuffs.:bulletgreen:
:bulletblue: I'm a part-time furry, full time artist & crafter.:bulletblue:
:bulletpurple: My brain works funny, so excuse me if I derp a lot.:bulletpurple:

:bulletblack: Keep in mind that no two creations are the same! Even if I use the same patterns and designs, no two hats come out exactly the same! I try to keep things as close to the commissioners request as possible, but they ARE handmade, so there will be differences!:bulletblack:

WARNING; One member of our household DOES SMOKE, and while they do not smoke anywhere near or around our products or materials, it does tend to carry. We recommend washing your product before use.

||Art Commission Information ||

||FurAffinity ||

Commissions - OPEN
Point Commissions -CLOSED
Requests - CLOSED
Art Trades - MAYBE (ASK)


Same dealie-o as last time!

Catch it, get a doodle! 
Charlie the Teddy Bear by CraftyPup
Charlie the Teddy Bear
Here we have Charlie, the living Teddy Bear!

Character Description
Charlie is a teddy bear, standing a little over two feet tall with dark blue fur, a dark nose, and bright green button eyes--the buttons being a new addition to him when he was given life. Charlie Bear is owned and loved by one Warren Christopher Harper, but is often seen with Theodore Winters, as he grew attached to the bear during a visit. Charlie Bear spends a lot of time with Theodore, playing games and teaching him all sorts of neat tricks.

Charlie Bear has a very dominating personality, always taking up the leader position in situations that call for it. Despite this, he is a very lovable and cuddly bear, relishing the feeling of being in someone's arms.

There aren't many things he concerns himself with, being a stuffed animal, but he has a love for Theodore, as well as anything sweet (ESPECIALLY taffy), and the moonlight. He despises fire, as well as the washing machine--though he can't drown, it's still an unpleasant experience.

Charlie was donated by an unknown family to a local thrift shop, where he sat, waiting for days, weeks, months... no one seemed to want to take in the dirty, 'creepy' bear, so he waited. It was close to Halloween that a young man, Warren Harper, wandered into the shop. While other patrons would simply look him over, give him a quick glance, Warren's eyes were locked onto the bear as soon as he walked into the shop. He immediately purchased the bear and left, returning home with his new companion, with no idea what he had brought home.

He has no 'real' family to speak of, but does consider the other plushies around the house as his 'pack' or 'clan'.

His fur is plush, very soft to the touch and a dark, almost midnight blue, except for the inside of his ears and nose, which are a lighter blue. He doesn't have pawpads.

He prefers to go without clothing, but has a pair of simple beige shorts and a yellow tee shirt that Warren made for him.

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